100x100 Submission Portal 

The 100x100 serves multiple purposes...  It is our annual fundraiser, as well as a wonderful entry point for new buyers (who may become new collectors) of contemporary art.  But first and foremost it is an artistic challenge!

We encourage artists to consider what a $100 piece of original work looks like to you...  Perhaps a smaller piece? Maybe a process work? Something experimental?  The whole topic of art & money is complicated. Rather than devalue art, this exhibit aims to be a sort of exploration on that subject, while also challenging artists to participate in that conversation through their work.
What is a $100 work of art to you? 

  • 100X100 will be on display in November 2019

  • Submissions will be accepted through October 26th

  • Drop off will be October 24-26 - please make sure work is labeled with artist name and title of piece

  • Up to three submissions per artist - all submissions will be included if space allows

  • All Artists are welcome to submit, membership to the gallery is not required

  • All sizes, shapes, and mediums accepted

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact us!