Thursdays at 6:30 | Life Drawing

We are excited to be partnering with Chris Judd and Carol Lambert to offer life drawing sessions at the gallery Thursday from 6:30 - 9:30. These will be weekly open sessions with a live model. For more information click the button below.



July 25th 6:30 | Artist Talk with Anna Widman and Federica Bruni

Center and South Gallery artists, Anna Widman from Kenai and Federica Bruni from Italy, share a little about their lives, process, and inspirations

July 6th 2:00 | Artist Talk with Emma Reynolds

North Gallery Artist, Emma’s Reynolds, is a visiting printmaker from London. Join us on Saturday for a chance to hear about her practice and inspiration.

June 27th 5:30 | Birds of the Edge Closing Reception

Join us on Thursday, June 27 at IGCA for a closing reception for our June exhibition Birds on the Edge: Dynamic Boundaries.This event is taking place during the meeting of the American Ornithological Society in Anchorage from June 24 - 28. In addition to exhibition curators attending this reception, we will have artist talks from Leslie SharpeAmberlie Perkinand James Temte. Light refreshments will be provided.

June 22nd 12-6pm | Anchorage Downtown Solstice Celebration | Chalk Art on G Street!

May 24th 6:30 | Artist Talk with Shoko Takahashi and Mikhail Siskoff

Join us for artist talks with two of our May artists, Mikhail Siskoff and Shoko Takahashi. Mikhail's exhibition of collages, "Dollar Cinema", is on view in the South Gallery and Shoko's exhibition of artist books and prints, "The Illusion of Motion in the Accordion Book", is on view in the North Gallery.

April 23rd 6:30 - 7:30 | Artist Talk with Don Decker

Join us at the gallery for this wonderful opportunity to hear insight into Don Decker’s inspirations, process, and motivations as a life long dedicated artist.

March Sundays at 6:00 | Life Drawing

We are excited to be partnering with Chris Judd and Carol Lambert to offer life drawing sessions at the gallery Sundays from 6:00 - 9:00. These will be weekly open sessions with a live model.

Doors open at 5:30, session begins promptly at 6:00.
Cost is $10 per session

March 30th 4-7pm | Members Only Closing Reception


We literally wouldn't be here without you all and this is our chance to thank you for helping make the IGCA the coolest non-profit gallery on D street!


March 16th 1-3pm | Stories from Santa Fe to Anchorage Workshop

Daniel McCoy Jr.,  They Speak to Me , 2017, acrylic on wood panels

Daniel McCoy Jr., They Speak to Me, 2017, acrylic on wood panels


As part of the upcoming Kimura Gallery exhibition of new work by Santa Fe based artist, Daniel McCoy Jr. (Muscogee Creek/Citizen Potawatomi Nation) we are putting together a Saturday afternoon community project called Stories from Santa Fe to Anchorage at the Kimura Gallery in the UAA Arts Building.

For this project, we are going to tap into our own individual stories to create a collective mural-style artwork based on a design by McCoy.  

We will kick things off with presentations from Alaskan storyteller, Alvin Amason, and then get to work painting characters from our own stories to hang in the gallery for the remainder of the exhibition.

This is a free workshop but due to space and materials attendance is limited to 15 participants.

March 3rd at 6:00 | Life Drawing

We are excited to be partnering with Chris Judd and Carol Lambert to offer life drawing sessions at the gallery Sundays from 6:00 - 9:00. These will be weekly open sessions with a live model. Cost is $10 per session.

February 21st at 6:30 | Volunteer Get Together

Please join us  from 6:30 - 7:30pm for a get-together for all current volunteers and those interested in becoming volunteers. 
This is a chance to meet and talk with your fellow volunteers, some IGCA board members and the gallery manager. It's also an opportunity for us to fill you all in on gallery procedures, a new coded key system and the upcoming year at the gallery.
Light refreshments will be provided. Everyone is strongly encouraged to attend!

February 17th at 4:00 | Mary Kancewick Book Launch: Be-Hooved

Please join long-time IGCA volunteer Mary Kancewick this Sunday, February 17, 4 - 6 p.m. at IGCA for the launch of her recently published book of poems, Be-hooved. Learn more about Mary and her book at https://www.markapoet.com/

October 23rd at 6:00 | Artist Talk

We are happy to welcome Center Gallery artist, Stephen Gray and North Gallery Artist, Louke Ellenbroek to talk about their exhibitions, process and inspiration.

May 24th at 6:30 | Artist Talk

We are excited to have all three exhibiting artists, Susan Joy Share, Tami Phelps, and Richard J. Murphy available to present about their work and current exhibits.

April 28th 1-3pm  | Volunteer Appreciation Party

Get together for the current IGCA volunteers to meet, learn about the new systems, and talk with the manager and board members.

April 26th at 6:30pm | Artist Talk

Artist talk and panel discussion with the artist couples from the Duos Show

April 15th 2018, 2:00 - 5:00 pm | The Artist as Culture Producer: Conversations in Alaska Workshop

At the Anchorage Museum Auditorium-  Sharon Louden and Matthew Deleget conduct professional development workshops sharing keys for artists to sustain their creative lives. Based on Sharon Louden's webinars for Creative Capital and centered around the professional development platform, ArtistsThrive.org, Sharon and Matthew not only give information that applies to everyone but also try to resolve issues by individuals who bring their inquiries to them. This is open to all. Documentation supports these workshops. Artists bring your questions! Matthew and Sharon are excited to answer them.

April 12th 2018, 6:30 - 8:30pm |  The Artist as Culture Producer: Conversations in Alaska Presentation

At the Anchorage Museum Auditorium-  Book Conversation based on Sharon Louden’s book The Artist as Culture Producer: Living and Sustaining a Creative Life. Sharon will moderate a conversation with contributors to her book Hrag Vartanian, Matthew Deleget, and Deana Haggag.

March 10th at 2:00 | Artist Talk

We will be inviting UAA Painting and Sculpture Students and Teachers to discuss the work and theme, Technology and Nature

February 15th 2018, 6:30pm  |     ARTIST TALK

Presentations by exhibiting artists Elise Rose on her show Earthwork (showing in the Center Gallery), and Karinna Gomez on her show Interior (showing in the North Gallery). 

February 4th 2018, 11-3pm  |     WORKSHOP

Workshop by the wonderful Elissa Meyers of BLUEREDYELLOW


OCTOBER 20, 2017     |     ARTIST TALK

Presentations by Dr. Dalee Sambo Dorough, Joe Senungetuk, nand Linda Lyons with an introduction by curator Pat Shelton

AUGUST 4, 2017     |     ARTIST TALK

Artist talks by Kes Woodward and Bill Brody

JULY 25, 2017     |     ARTIST TALK

Artist talk by Anne Wedler


April 7, 2017 Artist Talk

Artist talk by Carmel Anderson


January 27, 2017 Member and Volunteer Party


December 15, 2016 Artist Talk

Artist talk by Honor Bowman Hall, Sandra Talbot, Jason Fristensky and David Pettibone



Monster Drawing Rally       Friday, October 7, 2016


The Monster Drawing Rally was an event in which artists came together and created drawings live in the gallery, in one hour shifts. Part exhibition, part performance, the event allowed art enthusiasts to see the artist at work during First Friday! 


IGCA BLOCK PARTY     Friday, Sept. 2, 5 PM - 10 PM

THANKS to all of our wonderful sponsors

The Wonderful Beer and Wine Garden Team:
SJ Klein
Rainbo Herfindahl

Our Fantastic Food Trucks:
The Magpie
Sugarhouse Waffles
The Tasty Traveler

The talented musicians:
Tatiana Agnew
Fiona Rose
The Frothy Moths
Jake Hamaker
Naked Mabel
Tanana Rafters

Momentum Dance Collective:
Therese Brennan
Becky Kendall
Jessie Embley
Amy Kofoid
Ariel Graham
Zachary Lasiter
Karlyn Grotts
Great Joy Nelson
Taylor M. Hicks
Brian Belcher
Leticia Wade
Ellie Gottstein

Our Participating Artists:
Alaska Plein Air Painters (Don Kolstad)
Anchorage Community Works (Will Dowd)
Anchorage Opera
Chris Arellano
Cyrano’s Theater
Tom Chung
Graham Dane
Bailey Gamble
Jonathan Lang
Keren Lowell
Linda Lyons
Kim Marcucci
Melancholy Press (Joe and Donna Carr)
Elissa Meyers
Momentum Dance Collective
Holly Nordlum
David Pettibone
Jovell Rennie
Elise Rose
Fiona Rose
Susan Joy Share
James Temte
Uptown Artists
Heidi Weiland

Our Volunteers: 
Jade Aldridge
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Lacie Stiewing
Craig Suchland
Michele Suchland
Val Svancara
Levi Werner
Jamie Whiteman
Tracy Williams
Jocelyn Young

Our Event Committee:
Garrett Burtner, Honor Hall, Keren Lowell, Enzina Marrari (Chair), Elise Rose, Michele Suchland (Chair), Jamie Whiteman, Tracy Williams, Jocelyn Young

August 11, 2016 Artist Talk

Artist talk by Graham Dane


July 28, 2016 Artist Talk

Curator talk by Graham Dane


April 15, 2016 Artist Talk

Artist talks by Lukas Easton, Jade Ariah, Carol McCarty, Sandra Talbot, and Will Kozloff


March 25, 2016 Artist Talk

Artist talk by Stephen Gray


February 11, 2016 Artist Talks

Artist talks by Honor Bowman, Sarah Melissa Whalen and Don Decker


January 8, 2016 Artist Talks

Artist talks by Allison Estergard, Lukas Easton and Sharon Trager

October 30, 2015 Member Appreciation Party at IGCA

September 18, 2015 Artist Talk at IGCA

Esther Hong, Curator and artists Rachelle Dowdy, Pat Shelton, and Susan Share

Second Annual IGCA Block Party    September 4, 2015

OUR SPONSORS: Blaines Art, Cabin Fever, Gold Star Printing, Hulin Alaskan Design, NeighborWorks Alaska, Relax Alaska, Sparc: a creative place, Stephan Fine Arts & The Crest Gallery in Hotel Captain Cook, The Quilted Raven, Marsha Burns, Jana Hayenga, Kim Marcucci, Garry Mealor, Jo Michalski and Tina Tomsen M.D.

 ARTISTS & PERFORMERS: SPARC artists, Salila-Andrea Kubitza with Krambambuli Puppet Theater, Julie Fogg, Don Kolstad and the Plein Air Painters, Heidi Weiland, Jonathan Lang, Jenna Gerrety, Moises Hernandez, Kim Marcucci, Mike Conti, Sarah Burtner, Susan Joy Share, Cecilia Karoly-Lister and Out North Theater, Whitney Youngman, Joe and Donna Carr, Anchorage Guerilla Knitters, Elise Rose, Momentum Dance Collective, Anchorage Opera, Tanana Rafters, Michael Faubion, JR and the Red Handed, Whitney Youngman, Naked Mable, Termination Dust, Dutchess and Anchorage Vaudeville and Friends: Melissa Wanamaker, Paisley Wanamaker, Ella Wanamaker, Michael Bringold, Fiona Worcester and Jim Kerr.

VOLUNTEERS: Heather Bane, Rebecca Brubaker, Will Dowd, Mark Figura, Marge Fowler, Sam Gonzalez, Philip Hall, Carl Hild, Keren Lowell, Cheryl Lyon, Sadie Lyon, Don Mohr, Michelle Owen, Eryn Rose, Kelly Ryan, Sarana Schell, Craig Suchland, Scott McDonald, Valerie Svancara, Garrett Burtner, Alex Waggoner and Levi Werner.

BLOCK PARTY COMMITTEE: Honor Bowman, Sarah Burtner, Amy Devereux, Sarah Glaser, Enzina Marrari, Tracy Roesch-Williams, Elise Rose, Michele Suchland and Jamie Whiteman.

And thanks to the following for their contributions: Alaska Knit Nat – Natasha Price, Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Arctic Provisions, Cyrano’s Off Center Playhouse, Ghost Light Cafe, Ginger and The Magpie. 

August 2015 Artist Talk at IGCA

Cam Choy

August 7th, 7 pm

Ted Kim

August 28th, 6 pm

Keren Lowell

August 28th, 6 pm


July 2015 Artist Talks at IGCA 

Mieko Takamae

July 3rd, 7pm

Ricky Tagaban

July 10th, 6pm

Alanna DeRocchi

July 31st, 6pm